About Natalie Lewis


My love for food and cooking has always been a part of who I am and I find continuous inspiration through sharing this love with others.  My life’s beginnings took place in a small Ohio town, just outside of Cincinnati, where my childhood passion turned into big city dreams at a young age.  In 2002, I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris with a diploma in French cuisine.

Upon graduation from culinary school, I continued my education through a combination of work experience with a variety of upscale catering companies and extensive international and domestic travels which enabled me to enhance my knowledge of regional and cultural fare.

In 2007 I developed my passion further as I moved to Napa Valley, gaining a rich appreciation for local sustainable cooking and the respected art of viticulture.  Shortly after my time in Napa I relocated one last time to Northern New Jersey where I am now settled with my husband and daughter, doing what I love as a Personal Chef.


18 responses to “About Natalie Lewis

  1. Nat!!!
    What a a GREAT blog!!! Well done– the design, the content, your writing are all excellent!
    Can’t wait to keep up with what you’re cooking up!

  2. Jill

    Love it, love it, love it….what fun! Who doesn’t like to talk about, read about and eat food.

    Great Job… I can’t wait to read more. I really need to try the chicken recipe.


  3. Judy

    Love this!!!

    Can’t wait to try some of the recipes.
    Keep them coming.

    Are you making your own wedding cake???


  4. Maria

    Nat – Amazing blog!!! I love everything about it. I can’t wait to try all the recipes and to see your new posts. Let me know if you need me to taste any new recipes! 

  5. Grant Lewis

    Really impressive…..site looks great

    Love you

  6. Marlys

    Wow, I’m impressed! The recipes look great. Why don’t you come over to my house and try them. Hee.Hee. I’ll try and hit the oil/vinegar store in Bar Harbor this weekend. Any favorites you need?

  7. Mindy Kershner

    Nat – You are so creative and inspiring. We’ve always had a love for food in common and I love what you’ve done with this blog. Great job! I’m excited to keep reading.


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  9. I blog about Italian cooking but I am always looking for new and inspiring recipes to try for family and friends. So glad I discovered your blog!

  10. Ahh…that part of Ohio! I have a friend who introduced us to the wonders of Graeter’s Ice Cream.

  11. Love the chicken recipe. 🙂

  12. We love the way serving this nice recipes… What a lovely blog is this.. Please keep sharing, cuz we will be following you 🙂

  13. michele627

    Love love love your blog! Love anyone willing to sit and write about food! I run a cupcake business from my house, and may incorporate that into my blog somehow. I am a Jersey girl, relocated to Maryland, but Jersey runs deep in my blood! Especially when I am standing outside pumping my own darn gas and eating crummy bagels;)

  14. Very nice blog! everything about it!

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