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The Battle of the Pig

Lately in my life there has been a mad influx of vegetarians. Every corner I turn another friend is rapidly spiraling down into a world of meat deprivation and bacon dissing.  Usually, I would take this type of phenomenon as a clue from God that I am doing something wrong in life; that I need to reevaluate my current situation with some yogi-like soul-searching.  But as a lover of all-things pig, an advocate for the finer sausages in life, and the holder of a dream to one day care for my very own chicken coop – I had to look a little deeper to find out what the universe was really trying to tell me.  And that’s when I wrote this:

 Love Letter #1 

To My Non Meat-Eating Dearest,

Because of you, I am a better person. You continue to remind me that it takes all different varieties to make this world go round, and without you we would be living in a communal society of robotic carnivores. When I’m feeling down I know I can count on you to lift my spirits as I hear you being referred to as veghead, bunny hugger, or broccoliholic- this always has the ability to make me chuckle. But above all you exude an admirable passion that rules your heart and mind. A passion that motivates you to take a firm stance for what you believe in – even if your belief is purely based on thinking pigs are cute. Without you, I would not be the person that I am today…and I thank you for that.  

Forever and always,


P.S. Shout-out to all of my veghead friends – you know I love you 🙂


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