Cocktail Reubens


I think its safe to say these are what dreams are made of.   I love me a good saucy sandwich and what better way to entertain than to shrink one down into a bite-sized package of classic meets chic, wrapped up with a whole lot of de-de-liciousness.    

Not only do they meet the standards of hearty and tasty for your casual affair – and simple & chic for a sophisticated celebration – but they are such a crowd pleaser and so easy to put together that you can enjoy them for literally any type of occasion in three simple steps:

1. Assemble

  • Butter
  • Rye cocktail bread (can be found in the deli section of your grocery store)
  • Deli sliced corned beef
  • Sauerkraut, drained
  • Thousand Island dressing
  • Swiss cheese

Butter one side of the bread, place on waxed paper and then assemble the remaining ingredients on top.

2. Heat

Heat an oven-proof saute pan to medium and place the Reubens in the pan just until the bread is toasty. 

3. Broil

Place the (oven-proof) saute pan into the oven under the broiler for just a few minutes or until the cheese is melted and bubbly or you can hit them quickly with a kitchen torch.

4. Enjoy (quickly, they go fast!)



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2 responses to “Cocktail Reubens

  1. Maureen

    Should I assume that the bread is buttered side down?

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