Summer Corn and Chick Pea Salad


With a whole slew of summer soirees to attend to in the months to come, I am always looking for new sides to cook up without breaking a sweat. Literally. 

I jump at the opportunity to avoid turning my oven on in the prime of the heat, so when I first tried this summer salad, with the most beautiful mélange of flavors, I was instantly sold.  Not only am I a sucker for anything with avocado and fresh corn, but the sweet taste of basil just sent me over the edge.  

I first experienced the salad when I was at a friend’s house grilling out.   I acted casual as I spooned more out onto my plate, but then I went in for the steal as I made a mental note of each ingredient that hit my tongue.  It was so simple yet the combination was so divine.

So, I guess this is where I should give credit to my friend, Annie, for the recipe.  But if you can’t steal from your own friends then who the heck can you steal from! 

For the complete recipe go to The Magazine of Yoga.


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