A Perfect Getaway

One of the many things in life I am incredibly fortunate to have are strong and powerful women surrounding me on every corner — and my good friend, Kristi, is no exception!  While I am sneaking in extra chunks of butter into my velvety cheddar cheese potatoes, Kristi is inspiring women of all shapes and sizes across the nation to join her and her partner Ryan in bettering themselves with their exclusive health-focused getaways. 

The retreat coming up in April will be held in the Smokey Mountains, TN where they will incorporate nature’s unparalleled elements along with their strong fitness background to create a week-long escape dedicated to weight loss, strength building and all around self-improvement.  Along for the journey will be an expert nutritionist who will not only prepare the daily meals, but teach and motivate you to take the initiative in jump starting a healthy lifestyle.

They will be offering several retreats throughout the year in multiple hot spots across the US, so whether you are looking to drop some inches quick or to just rediscover that lost motivation check out Kristi and Ryan’s website: Fat Camp Retreats — you may just see me there (but, ahem…just keep the cheddar potatoes between us).


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