A Culinary Cornucopia

The combination of living in New Jersey and residing 20 miles outside of The Big Apple, has expectedly resulted in an overwhelmingly large restaurant wish list.  One place specifically that has long been on my mind (ever since the talented Anne Constance snapped our engagement photos) is Ninety Acres.  Ninety Acres is a new restaurant that has opened in the 491-acre Natirar estate, which was once home to the King of Morocco.       

Photo by Anne Constance: http://anneconstance.com/


Set against rolling acres the King’s old mansion sits high in the center of one of the most serene and peaceful places in New Jersey.  The moment your feet hit the entrance, you begin to feel alive as earth’s unparalleled nature consumes you with plush greenery and innate beauty.   A perfect reminder of the true meaning of beauty.  


Adjacent to the house (which will soon be a spa and fitness club) is the restored carriage house and garage which is where Ninety Acres lives.  Complete with a restaurant, bar and cooking school, the culinary center also supplies their own fresh and local products from the surrounding  farm land.  Boy does this make me giddy!  Gardens and greenhouses are out the window to your left. Barns and stables are down the road to your right.  Just as they say — farm to table is one thing, but this is a table at the farm.   

Our first experience at the culinary cornucopia was for an ideal morning brunch.     


A Homemade Terrine and Pate, Fresh Picked Berries and Yogurt, Natirar Poached Eggs with Chicken Hash and Chocolate Bread French Toast with Corn Flake Crust and Bourbon Maple Syrup.  So rich with freshness, exquisitely pure in taste and the most dreamy Chocolate French Toast my stomach’s ever laid eyes on.  Good thing the cute guy sitting across the table proposed first!   



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6 responses to “A Culinary Cornucopia

  1. Marlys

    I’m jealous that you have already been there! And to think that this place is just 15 minutes down the road! Before it was the King’s mansion, it was Kate Macy Ladd’s rehabilatation center, just for women who had been hospitalized, but needed physical therapy, etc. It was her home before that.

  2. Trusty Sidekick

    Awesome, awesome blog! I was so excited to find it (thank you, Freshly Pressed!)–especially because I had no idea there was a restaurant on the Natirar Estate. I must go! It is simply beautiful there. I live about 25 minutes from it, and I’ve been to the wine festival every year since it’s been held there. When people start stereotyping NJ, I tell them to go to Natirar Park. Beautiful.
    Your recipes are wonderful. As someone who lives and breathes the food dream, I can’t wait to try them all.

  3. So pretty. How can I follow your blog? (I’m new)

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