The 60-second cookie

Three simple ingredients.  One short minute to prepare.  And I promise you –  it will bring you an eternity of pleasure…or at least a few seconds of escape into a euphoric candy bar-like paradise.  Slightly salted and perfectly crunchy triscuits (yes, like the Nabisco kind) with chunky peanut butter smeared in between and dipped in chocolate.  Ooooooh it’s so worth it.

The 60-second cookie: 

  1. Triscuits (reduced-fat kind, if you prefer)
  2. Chunky Peanut Butter
  3. Good Chocolate

Smother peanut butter in between two triscuits and dip in melted chocolate. Cool. Eat. And Enjoy.

UPDATE: Picture has been updated from original post.



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6 responses to “The 60-second cookie

  1. Bev

    This I must try. Thanks for the thought and good words to go with it.

  2. amemee

    ohmygod! These are freakin’ awesome.

  3. sara

    Oh man. I must pick up all three ingredients tonight!

  4. those do sound good! i think i have to try this! great idea Natalie. and your blog is awesome! so happy i discovered it (thank you wordpress)!

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