Berries and Brown Sugar Gratin


Boy, do I have a treat for you today. First, I’m going to tell you how this was so brutally amazing.  And second, I’m going to tell you the story behind why I made it:

It was approximately 9:50 in the evening, just minutes after completing my bedtime prep routine and seconds before I was to crawl into the sheets  with  Elizabeth Gilbert and her chapter on yogi soul-searching when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a still and mysterious shadow lurking in the hallway.   As I turned my body to investigate further, I discovered a tall handsome man masked by the facade of a young school boy who appeared as if he had just been harshly scorned. With arms stiff to his  side and chin pointing down towards the ground,  I was expecting some type of  involuntary apology for throwing a spitball into my hair. Or a confession that he had just stole my afternoon snack and sold it for candy.  I made direct eye contact with him to ask if he was ok.  In his deepest, most manly voice, he replied: “Will you make me a gourmet dessert?” 

Yep, that’s exactly how it went down.  Just 2 minutes prior to me retiring into the plush white sheets, it was being requested by the foodie monster I’ve created (he’s not really a monster, I just used that word for dramatic effect) to develop a gourmet dessert.  I’m not really sure what constitutes as  “gourmet”, but I do know what is definitely not gourmet – which were all of the things quickly rushing through my head while trying to come up with something – anything! – so I could hurry back to my bedtime read. Finally, it hit me. I remembered seeing this 3-ingredient, 5-minute delight on the Smitten Kitchen’s website, the other day.  Her recipe called for raspberries and sour cream, but with the mixed berries and greek yogurt we had in the fridge, it was the perfect substitute.

I would say the next time you have a request for a gourmet dessert right before you are hopping into bed, try this out.  But instead, I’m going to tell you that this really, really needs to be planned ahead.  Not because it takes 5 minutes to make, but because it is so heavenly delicious that you need to set aside a special time to sit down and savor each individual bite.  Trust me.


Berries and Brown Sugar Gratin

 (Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen)

Serve with shortbread cookies for an ultimate delight!

– 2 cups of fresh berries

-2 cups of greek yogurt

-1 cup of brown sugar

Spread a layer of yogurt on the bottom of a ramekin and place berries on top (repeat for all ramekins).   Spread a second layer of yogurt on top of berries and press the brown sugar through a sieve or mesh colander so that it sprinkles evenly over the dish.  Broil under high until sugar begins to caramelize.


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One response to “Berries and Brown Sugar Gratin

  1. grant

    that dessert was sooo good last night

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