The Best of New England

Sometimes, when I am vacationing in an unfamiliar land, I like to roll up my sleeves and pretend I am Anthony Bourdain’s fearless sidekick, diving head first into whatever is put in front of me — while my sweetheart, Grant, grudgingly documents. 

Over the fourth we stayed at Grant’s family’s lake house in Maine, and while he knows the area all too well, I am still an eager little girl trying to discover every nook and cranny of the region. From fields of fresh wild blueberries to the finest lobstah in the world – Down East is where it’s at.

First stop on the culinary map – The Lobster Pot in Ellsworth, Maine.

The name describes it all – the king of crustaceans, the tenderloin of the sea, the most succulent Homarus in all of our existence.  Lobster, fresh out of the cold Atlantic waters, steamed in oversized pots of nothing but salted water –  where the magic does its work.

What I love most about this delicate indulgence is – while you can find it on the menus of many five-star restaurants, and turned into any type of stuffed, baked or fussed-with dish –  it is best when enjoyed straight from shell to mouth, celebrating its luxurious simplicity with our God-given hands…and while wearing a plastic bib covered by a giant lobster. 

 …and finally, my most adorable partner in crime and avid camera man – Grant!



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6 responses to “The Best of New England

  1. and why isn’t Grant eating lobster???

  2. Marlys

    Great picures! We went there the week we were up also, great food and right in town!

  3. Marlys

    I was also wondering why Grant was not eating lobster! I had it for nights in a row while we were ther and in a different recipe each time!

  4. Maria

    Nat…thanks, now I’m in the mood for lobster. I think you should come over so we can boil ourselves some lobsters. I will buy the lobster you can bring the bibs. 🙂

  5. grantl61

    Wow im famous

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