My Last Supper


I am in love with this book.  When I say in love, I mean I want to immerse myself into every mouth-watering, gratifying, indulgent detail.  Famed chefs from around the world reveal the most unadulterated expressions of what they would eat if it were their last meal on earth.   It’s full of heartfelt details such as where they would be eating, with whom, what they would be drinking, music that would be playing.

For me, my last meal on earth would definitely be breakfast inspired. I think this would be it:

A char grilled filet topped with a perfectly fried egg and dollop of béarnaise sauce, all sitting on thick toasted brioche.   Accompanied by classic country home frieswith ketchup.  Eeek, sorry, I know I totally just killed the mood, but I really love ketchup with my home fries.

As I share the quotes from some of my favorite culinary geniuses sit back and envision what you would choose to eat if it were your last supper.

Anthony Bourdain:  Roast bone marrow with parsley and caper salad, with a few toasted slices of baguette and some good sea salt”

Eric Ripert: “It would be a simple dish, a slice of toasted country bread, some olive oil, shaved black truffle, rock salt, and black pepper”

Thomas Keller:  “I would begin with a half kilo of osetra caviar, followed by some otoro. I would then have a quesadilla, followed by a roast chicken, and finally, brie with truffles.  For dessert I would choose to have either profiteroles or a lemon tart”

Lidia Bastianich:  “My last meal would consist of sliced San Daniele prosciutto with some ripe black fig; linguini with white clam sauce; a plate of Grana Padano; and perfectly ripe, juicy pears”


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